dinsdag 9 augustus 2016

TREND ALERT: Leopard Print

For all of you who are lying on a towel on the beach right now, finally able to get a descent summer tan, with not a thing to worry about - we have to be realistic here. I don’t want to ruin your mood, but within a month it’s autumn. Trees will shed their leaves, temperature will drop fast and the sun will disappear for a long, long time. We have to prepare ourselves for the cold seasons – sooner rather than later

Besides managing the mental depression caused by the knowledge that the darkness is coming for us, we have to make our wardrobe ready for these harsh times. Start with checking your supplies. Chucky knits? Check. Items perfect for layering? Check. Black platform boots? Check. Replenish where necessary. Make a list of the things you want to add to your wardrobe. Oh, and uhm, you can put a leopard printed garment at the top of your list, because I’ll ensure you, you’re going to need it.

If designers like Dries van Noten dedicate in fact their whole collection to the print of this big cat’s coat, you know what’s coming. It will take over the street image this season. Coats, jackets, skirts, pants, boots - literally everything will be covered in leopard print. How cool, right? But as you know, leopard print itself isn’t something new, but what makes it this season so popular is the variety in the materials and the way of using – a good example are the velvet leopard pants à la Dries van Noten. 

Because it’s not the easiest print to combine, I thought it would be a good idea to give some examples of how you can pull of the leopard print. Enjoy!


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