donderdag 4 augustus 2016

PERSONAL: Photoshoot

Last week I did a photoshoot. Yes, a real photoshoot. In stead of using my phone with the self-timer, balancing it on a shoe on a ladder in my shed to get a picture of myself - no kidding -, I was now being photographed by a budding professional photographer with a professional camera. In this blog post you can see some photos of the shoot. 

In case you thought photoshoots are a common thing for me … Okay, never mind. As you know photoshoots are no common thing for me. So how do I did end up in front of a professional camera? A girl from my school asked me if I wanted to shoot some photos with her. Me? Shoot some photos? But of course! I think that you should grab every opportunity that you get to feel like a model for a little while. 

So, who is the girl behind the camera? Her name is Isa Emmen, a sixteen years old girl with a real talent for photographing. Her portraits as well as her other photos are amazing. She has two Instagrams were you can admire them: @isaemmen and @isamaaktportretten. Why don’t you check them out! You won’t regret it :)

What I’m wearing: vintage Levi’s 501, men’s white T-shirt, Stan Smiths

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