dinsdag 28 juli 2015

BEAUTY - The Perfect Nail Polish during the Summer

Bonjour tout le monde! I’m writing this post from the lovely France. Me and the rest of my family – which consists of my father, mother and two younger brothers – will be staying here for the next three weeks to enjoy our summer holiday.
We’re now in a little town called Écuras, pretty close to the city of Bordeaux, where we’ll be for two weeks. We have our own house over here on a Dutch holiday village. Because the weather unfortunately isn’t too good around here, I have plenty of time to update the blog a little!
For the last week of our vacation we’ll be heading more to the south of France to a place called Saint-Cyprien and yay for me, there’s a beach! I’m a real beach bum so I’m really looking forward to this last week.

So now you’ve got an idea where in the world I’ll be for the next few weeks. Anyway, for today’s post I want to share a new beauty favorite of mine. It’s a nail polish and – in my eyes – the perfect color during the summer. The polish is from the brand Essie and called Ballet Slippers. As you can see it’s a light pink color that isn’t standing out too much. It makes your nails look healthy and well-groomed. It’s like you just walked out of the nail salon!
Ballet Slippers - Wearing base coat, two layers, top coat
What do you think of this nail polish?

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donderdag 23 juli 2015

HEALTH: Review "Happy Cleansing" Detox Diet by Rens Kroes

Hi guys! Last week I did for the first time a three-day Juice Cleanse. That means I haven’t eaten anything for three days (from Monday to Wednesday) and have lived on juices and smoothies. In this post I wanted to share the recipes I’ve used, my experience with the detox diet, and the final result. Enjoy!

zaterdag 4 juli 2015

PERSONAL: Quick Update + New Sunglasses

Sunglasses Ray-Ban - Hat Market - Plaid Zara

Hi everyone! It’s been a while! For today’s post I just wanted to give you a quick little update. While this post has appeared on the blog and everyone around me is probably still sleeping, I’m heading to my work. I recently started working at the local bakery and today I’ve to be there at 7:30 am! So early…
Also, there is currently a real heat wave in Holland; the weather forecasts say that it will be 35 ºC today! Super nice of course but pfff… seriously way too hot to work in.
But I'll just have to keep a cool head and have to look forward to a nice cool swim in my (inflatable) pool at the end of the day…

Fortunately I can enjoy my new purchase optimal during these rare hot days in Holland. Last week I ordered my first Ray-Ban ever! It’s the Ray-Ban Round Metal 50 mm and I’m totally in love with them! For me it was surely a big investment, but it is well worth paying that price! I ordered them at smartbuyglasses.com and I’m very pleased about my experience with this shop!

Enjoy your Saturday everyone and I’ll talk to you guys soon!