dinsdag 25 november 2014

MY FAVORITES: Fashion Blogger 10x

Hi guys! First I want to apologize for the three week of silence on my blog. I had a lot of important tests in the last couple of weeks at school and I had to focus on them. I think it’s a pity that I have to leave blogging on the table on that kind of moments, but at the moment it is what is it. Fortunately, now the test week is over, I’m facing some less hectic weeks and I can start blogging again. Hurray!

I spend my free time partly on bloglovin.com, a site where you can follow other bloggers so you can see for example their latest outfits post or the newest review of a beauty product. Also, people can follow you blog, what will cause you reach a larger audience so more people get in touch with your blog. On the right on this page you can see how many people are following my blog. Thus far the number of followers is 82, so almost 100! I’m really looking forward to reach this milestone :) 

On the moment I follow over 100 blogs, but of course I don’t read all the articles that bloggers whom I follow post. I have simply no time for that. Nevertheless I always try to read the articles of certain bloggers because I get a lot of inspiration from them that I sometimes can process in my own style and clothing choices. The bloggers who I’m talking about are mainly fashion bloggers, ‘cause I’m not so much engaged in make-up yet. For this week’s article I want to share my favorite fashion bloggers with you. Enjoy!

1) Negin Mirsalehi based in Amsterdam
This dutchie started to show off her outfits on Instagram. She became wildy and decided to start a blog in 2012. With success, because within a year she had for more than half a million followers. Meanwhile she’s the biggest fashion blogger in the Netherlands. Respect!

2) Courtney Trop based in Los Angeles
She started a blog to show her personal style and is now also start blogging about travels, food, music and more!

3) Sara Escudero based in Madrid
Beside blogging about her personal style, she is also known for her beautiful street style pictures.

4) Chiara Ferragni based in Milan
This woman is besides blogger also shoe designer, model and writer!

5) Kristina Bazan based in Geneva
This beautiful Swiss girl is besides model also a successful fashion blogger. You go girl!

6) Andy Torres based in Amsterdam
Andy was born in Mexico, but she has lived since a few years in the Netherlands. She started with nothing, but has become one of the most popular bloggers in the world. Well done!

7) Aimee Song based in Los Angeles
This blonde lady has orientated herself well by looking at other bloggers before she started a blog herself. Well done!

8) Mija Flatau based in Munich
This blonde lady has orientated herself well by looking at other bloggers before she started a blog herself. Well done!

9) Mary Seng based in Nashville
This blonde lady has orientated herself well by looking at other bloggers before she started a blog herself. Well done!

10) Danielle Bernstein based in New York
“Overalls are my second skin” is the motto of Danielle.

Who are your favorite bloggers?


zondag 2 november 2014

STREET STYLE: Moscow Fashion Week SS15

Hi there! In September we all followed Fashion Week Milan, New York, London and Paris closely. Even if you couldn’t been there in person, like me, social media made sure that you kept up to date. The above-mentioned cities are of course the crème de la crème of Fashion Week so only the most famous designers can show their newest collections there. Last week it was Fashion Week in Moscow, a lot less popular but should definitely not be forgotten.

One of the nicest things about Fashion Week is the street style that comes with it. You see the most fascinating outfits passing by and that gives me such a huge inspiration boost! That’s why I’ve collected for this weeks article the best FW Moscow street style pics. Let’s get inspired!
pics from le-21eme.com and theoutsider.us

Where do you get your inspiration from?