dinsdag 10 september 2013

The Green KENZO Sweater!

I'm in love with this brand! Especially with the sweaters! Who doens't love a big tigerhead on your stomach. And that's why I bought one! 

Not the real one of course, those are 200 euros and I can't afford that. So I bought a look-a-like. And lucky me, it looks exactly like the real green KENZO sweater. You can't see any difference. My sweater is also from really good quality. So I don't mind that I haven't a real KENZO sweater.

But the question is, how to combine this striking sweater without being too dramatic?

Some inspiration to style a green KENZO sweater:

donderdag 5 september 2013

Bandana's, yes please!

I think it's gonna be my new addiction: bandana's! A few days ago I bought a bandana online. Actually it's a farmer handkerchief (in dutch: een boerenzakdoek). But I don't know if that's a real existing English word. Anyway, I ordered it on this site: https://www.bouffante.nl 

I think blue suits me the best because my hair is a bit reddish and a red bandana curses with that. I preferably wear the bandana with a messy bun and the knot of the bandana on top of my head:

But you can also wear it in other ways:
*Rock chick: This is the tougher way to wear a bandana. Put a lot of beach spray in your hair for a messy look. Next tie the bandana with the knot on your head. You're good to go!

*Retro version: a good way to hide a bad hairday! Make a bun with your hair. Then wrap the bandana round your head like a headscarf. Make sure that the knot is on top of your head.
*Hipster girl: this version of the bandana is really cute to wear for example to a festival! All you have to do is tie the bandana around your head as messy as possible. In my opinion it's the most fun to use a very colorful scarf for this look.

*Girly girl: this is the cutest way to wear your bandana. Roll the bandana so that it's very thin, and then turn it over your head, with the knot on the side. If you wish, you can even make a bow instead of a knot for a cuter effect.

Which style do you prefer? Leave a comment below.

woensdag 4 september 2013

About Me

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I started blogging because I love fashion, photographing and writing, so blogging is the perfect thing for me. The girl behind this blog is Roos. I am 14 years old and live in the Netherlands. My dream is to travel the world at one day and to work as a journalist for a fashion magazine. At this blog I share my current purchases, outfits, musthaves and news from Fashion World. I hope that you like my blog and I'm going to try to run this blog as best as possible.