zondag 12 juni 2016

DIY: How To Make The ‘Alexa Chung’ Denim Dungaree Dress

A few weeks ago I saw this picture of Alexa Chung on Pinterest. Bohemian top and a denim dungaree dress. The perfect combination for a cool and effortless outfit. And gosh, how badly I wanted to own a dress like this myself.

As a possessed person, I’ve looked everywhere. Every online shop that I could think of and every physical store nearby. Unfortunately, without success. Not a single store sold the ‘Alexa Chung x perfect denim dungaree dress’.

But my hunt went on: a few days later, I went with my mom to my old hometown - Amsterdam. You must know that, if you’re a sucker for good vintage clothes - Levi’s 501 anyone? - Amsterdam is place to be. So, my hopes were up pretty high.

Eventually I didn’t find them, but I did find something else. In every vintage store I went, there were racks full of denim dungaree shorts - all with the perfect denim wash, length and price (€25). So I thought, why don’t I make the ‘Alexa Chung x perfect denim dungaree dress’ myself and turn the bottom from short to skirt. And so I did.

So for the people who also saw this picture, wanted the dungaree dress, looked for it everywhere but couldn’t find it - this one is for you ;)