zondag 20 november 2016


Question: if someone would suddenly rush up to you to ask you: ‘<insert name>, what are you actually good at in life?’. What would you answer? 

I’ve thought about it. And for me, one of the things that I’m actually very, very good at - and it’s unfortunately not something to be proud of - is… procrastinating. Some examples. Procrastination on studying for an important test, which makes me have to set my alarm at 2AM to study all night long (in order to save myself from total failure). Procrastination on leaving my house, which makes me running late everywhere I go. And procrastination on buying a descent leather bag, which made me walk around for almost 4 years (!) with canvas bags like a hobo. 

About that last one. Some people might see buying a bag as a moment of joy. I do not. Buying a bag - or actually the preceding never-ending search for that bag - is horror with a big H. Because you’ll wear the bag practically every day, it has to suit you perfectly. The color, the model, the quality, the amount of space - everything matters. And finding that perfect bag my friends, is a hell of a job. So the procrastination begins.

Fortunately, once upon a time there was a brand named COACH, who decided to make a few duffle bags back in the 80s. And fortunately, an American woman had bought one of those bags but decided in the summer of 2016 that she should sell it on eBay because she had never worn it. And fortunately, I looked coincidentally on eBay and it was love at first sight. And from that moment, we decided to spend the rest of our lives together. No more canvas bags for me. End of story.