zondag 12 juni 2016

DIY: How To Make The ‘Alexa Chung’ Denim Dungaree Dress

A few weeks ago I saw this picture of Alexa Chung on Pinterest. Bohemian top and a denim dungaree dress. The perfect combination for a cool and effortless outfit. And gosh, how badly I wanted to own a dress like this myself.

As a possessed person, I’ve looked everywhere. Every online shop that I could think of and every physical store nearby. Unfortunately, without success. Not a single store sold the ‘Alexa Chung x perfect denim dungaree dress’.

But my hunt went on: a few days later, I went with my mom to my old hometown - Amsterdam. You must know that, if you’re a sucker for good vintage clothes - Levi’s 501 anyone? - Amsterdam is place to be. So, my hopes were up pretty high.

Eventually I didn’t find them, but I did find something else. In every vintage store I went, there were racks full of denim dungaree shorts - all with the perfect denim wash, length and price (€25). So I thought, why don’t I make the ‘Alexa Chung x perfect denim dungaree dress’ myself and turn the bottom from short to skirt. And so I did.

So for the people who also saw this picture, wanted the dungaree dress, looked for it everywhere but couldn’t find it - this one is for you ;)

-    a sewing machine
-    a denim dungaree short (make sure it’s a bit oversized and not too short)
-    the right color and thickness thread
-    a bobbin
-    seam ripper
-    measuring tape
-    a jeans needle
-    pins
-    scissors
-    * optional: tailor’s chalk

* Before you start with this DIY, make sure that you adjust the sewing machine the right way. Especially the right thread tension is very important in order to get a nice stitch. Consult the manual of your sewing machine if you don’t know how you should do that.

Step 1
Turn your dungaree inside out and rip the inner leg seams open.

Step 2
* When your garment already has the right length, you can skip this step.
Decide if you want to hem your dungaree or just cut it off.
1.     Without hem (for a more tougher look). Measure how much centimeters you want your dungaree to be shortened. Make a row of pins or a line with the tailor’s chalk at the number of centimeters you want to cut off. Then, just cut them off (by following the line).
2.     With hem. Follow step 2 and 7 of my previous DIY (here) for a detailed explanation.

Step 3
Turn the dungaree right side out. Rip the seams open - at the place where the crotch was located - to just below the fly (see pink arrow). Repeat this on the back - but make sure you rip the seams a little further open than on the front. Otherwise you get a weird bump in your garment.

Step 4
Turn the dungaree inside out. Pin or draw a straight line at the place where you want to cut off the surplus fabric. Do this at the left as well as the right side. Repeat this on the back.

Step 5
Make sure that you cut off the fabric on the left side 1 cm (the picture above says 2 cm but it should be 1 cm) from the line. On the right side, you can just cut the fabric off on the line. Repeat this on the back.

Step 6
Fold the fabric on the left double (see picture) and pin it down. Then, you pin the right side of the fabric on top of the folded fabric. Repeat this on the back.

Step 7
If it’s done right, the dungaree looks nice and smooth (front and back) without any bumps. Because we’re going to sew the seam with the right side up, it’s easier when the pins are also right side up. So, remove one pin at a time and pin it down on the right side of the dungaree (see picture). Repeat this on the back.

Step 8
Place the top of the new seam underneath the needle. Sew with a straight stitch. Repeat this on the back.

And there you go! Your ‘Alexa Chung x perfect denim dungaree dress’ is ready to be worn! Hope you liked it and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  1. Ahhhh Alexa Chung is my favorite <3


  2. What a fun DIY! This might be one that I have to try out!

    xx Chelsea

  3. Looks great! I love the color :)


  4. Now I hope I will be able to sew a dungaree skirt, thanks for sharing!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena