dinsdag 10 september 2013

The Green KENZO Sweater!

I'm in love with this brand! Especially with the sweaters! Who doens't love a big tigerhead on your stomach. And that's why I bought one! 

Not the real one of course, those are 200 euros and I can't afford that. So I bought a look-a-like. And lucky me, it looks exactly like the real green KENZO sweater. You can't see any difference. My sweater is also from really good quality. So I don't mind that I haven't a real KENZO sweater.

But the question is, how to combine this striking sweater without being too dramatic?

Some inspiration to style a green KENZO sweater:

I don't know who they are, but I think they're other bloggers. I like the look of the second girl the most. The look of the first girl is a bit more daring but I think it looks very good on her! Here is another picture of the second girl. 
Her name is Elena Perminova. She is a Russian model. This photo was taken at the Fashion 
Week in New York.

How I like to style this sweater:
For my look I wear a white blouse underneath the sweater. Make sure your collar pops up. The sweater + collar thing has been a trend for a while now. I think it gives you a kind of a nerdy look but in a good way. My blouse is from H&M and it's made of light fabric so it's not too hot. 
Also I put my black short from Forever 21 on. If it's too cold, you can just put leotards or tights under it. And I've just bougth new boots at Zara. They're amazing! I think they look very nice in this look.
What do you think about the KENZO sweater?

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