woensdag 24 augustus 2016


After three weeks of laziness, tanning, sleeping in and basically doing nothing, it was time to say goodbye and to head home. Back to Holland. Back to real life. Which means finishing the renovations of my new room (soon more on the blog), working at the local grocery store all week and within two weeks starting my last year in high school. Fortunately I can extend the holiday feeling a bit, because there’s an actual heat wave going on right now and because I’m sharing a few photos shot on our holiday :)

During our one-week stay in San Remo, we decided that it would be fun to make a day trip to Monaco - a.k.a. the land of the rich people. It was just an hour's drive and we did the usual touristy stuff. We’ve seen where the rich people moor their yachts, where they gamble away their money, where they sleep for €2000, - a night and where they shop the most expensive clothes. *Sigh* What a life.

I was wearing a green suede skort (skirt on the front, short on the back), a white T-shirt from my brother’s closet, silk scarf around my wrist, straw hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a pair of summer sandals. Do you like it?

Skirt/short: Zara
Silk scarf: Zara
Hat: H&M
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Round Metal
Sandals: Venezia

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