zondag 1 oktober 2017

Day 1: Arrived in New York!

📍 Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Yes, I’ve made it! I’ve arrived safe and sound :) Which is quite an achievement if you have to sit for eight straight hours next to the weirdest guy on the plane. Like seriously, what are the changes. There are around 300 seats on the plane, and of all people, I have the seat next to him. The ‘him’ that I’m talking about was a man who was very nice at first; just asking me why I was flying to New York and being interested in my upcoming adventure. But after 20 minutes he was still asking me questions and they slowly went in a different direction. Like: “Do you have a boyfriend?”, “What is your type of guy?”, “Am I your type of guy, because you’re definitely my type of girl.”. Well no grandpa, you’re not. Now please be quiet because I want to watch a movie. But he wasn’t done, because he wanted to play Truth or Dare and take pictures of me while I was reading my magazine. And I’m such a pussy, because I can’t say no and seriously played the game with him and let him take the photos.

But I don’t know what was worse. Him awake or him asleep. Because right after the moment that he finally shut his mouth and fell asleep, there was coming a noise out of him that is going to haunt me for the rest of my life in my sleep. I think it was him snoring but I’m actually not quite sure.

I found my way to my apartment in Brooklyn very easily. First the skytrain, then the A-train and finally the G-train. I have to admit that if it wasn’t for the nice Dutch ladies (and their subway map) that I met at the airport, it probably would’ve been another story.

I can’t complain about the apartment where I will be staying for the next two weeks. For only $18 a night I have a nice bunkbed, a pillow with actual stuffing, a hot shower, a fridge and microwave. Of course there is no luxury, but that’s okay. I’m sharing the room with three nice people. Two girls and one guy. Everyone is going their own way, so these are not people with whom I’ll spend time in the city. But that’s okay, I will meet a lot of other people.

Well, so far so good. Tomorrow will be my first real day in The City That Never Sleeps. Wish me luck!

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