zaterdag 14 mei 2016

How To Create The Perfect Ear Party?

From left to right: golden dot stud earring from the jeweller - golden bar earring from ASOS - golden bar with chain from Luv Minimal via Etsy.

#EARPARTY. I’m sure you’re familiar with this hashtag. If not, I wonder where you’ve been in the past few months. Because the trend this hashtag is linked to, is hotter than hot. On Instagram and other kinds of social media, tons of pictures of the most beautiful ear party’s are passing by. The entire female half of the population exchanges their bald earlobes for ears, which are fully decorated, with many tiny minimalistic earrings. Moi incluse!

But how do you create the perfect ear party? That’s what I want to talk about in this article.

Creating an ear party consists of two steps. The first step is the place. This is the basis. Remember: asymmetry is the key. Go all crazy with one ear - make it its own little party - while you keep the other ear simple. In that way, it won’t get to shriek. For example, in my right ear I have three holes, which I vary with different kinds of golden earrings, ranging in size. In my other ear I have just one hole, with only a simple golden dot stud earring in it.

The second and last step is the most important. Because without the jewelry, there wouldn’t be any ear party at all. The simplicity of the jewelry is necessarily. You want to wear minimalistic and fragile jewelry which can easily be combined with each other. Play with different sizes. For example: combine one slightly prominent earring with two smaller ones. I recommend purchasing two simple dot stud earrings, because you can combine them very well.

Et voila! Let the ear party begin!

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