vrijdag 4 december 2015

WISH LIST: Acne Studios 'Lark Black' Derbies

Not my photo, wish it would though!
Hello readers! As many of you are probably wondering; yes, I’m not dead, I’m still alive! I had disappeared from the face of the earth, but now I’m back again and I will start today’s post with a question that is a bit strange:

Is it possible that a human being can fall in love with a pair of shoes? 

Yes, I’m not kidding. I do think that this actually happened to me… Is this healthy? Should I go see a doctor? Does anyone know how to deal with this? Please help!

So, it happens to be that I fell for the Lark Black shoes from the brand Acne Studios. They are menswear inspired lace-up shoes with a pointed nose and an elegant platform. Gosh, they’re so pretty! I really do believe they were made in heaven.
The reason why I haven’t run as a lunatic to the store yet trying to purchase this babies? Well, it happens to be that they are a ‘rib uit mijn lijf’, as the Dutchies would say. Which literally means a ‘rib out of my body’, which stands for the fact that they are very VERY expensive… And yeah, as a 16 y-o girl who still receives monthly clothing allowance from her parents and who is born with an aberration which made money leak through her fingers, I definitely don’t have this amount of money on my bank account. So for now, I can only dream of my crush…

But, I’m definitely going to keep my word about the face that one day we will be united! I’m going to save up for them, so one day they will be mine. Starting now!

*Maybe if I would believe hard enough in the existence of Santa Claus, he might actually drop this heavenly pair of shoes underneath my Christmas tree... 

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