zondag 11 januari 2015

NEW IN: Vagabond Modesto Boots

Happy new year everyone! I know I’m probably a bit late, but I thought better late than never.
Did you have a nice New Year’s Eve? Mine wasn’t very spectacular; I was with my family a couple days on holiday in Southern Germany to ski. When the clock struck twelve times, we watched the fireworks on the mountains, lit some sparklers off and didn’t stay up late because we had to get up early the next morning to ski. It’s weird to stand at 10:00 am on the mountains and realize that there is a whole new year ahead of us. I wish you all the best for 2015 and I hope it will be a fantastic year!

This article is dedicated to my first purchase of 2015. As you know, during December and January sale is on full swing, and I took advance of that. I thought it would be nice to share my purchase with you guys and give a review of the webshop Vagabond where I ordered it. Enjoy!

When it started to get colder in Holland I thought it was time to search for leather boots. These kind of shoes were missing in my closet and I wanted to change that. I had low cowboy boots with a squared toe in mind, and by coincidence I’ve found the perfect ones.
I saw that a blogger who I follow had posted a picture on Instagram with exactly the shoes I was looking for. The shoes are from the brand Vagabond and called “Modesto”. When I looked them up, I saw to my delight that they were marked down 50%, from 140,- to 70. In my view a bargain, ‘cause the boots are made of real leather and I probably still wearing them in a few years. I doubted a while between the black ones and the taupe colored ones, but eventually I chose the black ones because I can combine them better. Also the quality of the shoes are amazing. So all in all, a timeless purchase which I’m going to enjoy for a long time.
Vagabond Modesto Black (link)

The webshop where I’ve ordered my boots is vagabond.com. It’s a Swedish brand and I’m very pleased with my experience with this shop. First of all: the delivery time takes not to long. I ordered the shoes on Sunday and Wednesday they’ve been delivered. They were packed up in a shoebox that was inside a bigger box for extra protection. The delivery costs contains 6,-. Because I had doubts if I should order size 4 or 5, it was nice to know that you can return your purchase for free. 
The only downside of this shop is in my opinion the payment method. You can only pay with a credit card and since I don’t have one, that’s not so handy. More options (like PayPal) would be nicer.
But apart from that, it’s a fine webshop and I would recommend it.

What is your first purchase of 2015?


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  1. Leuke schoenen! X Minale

  2. Seems like a great buy!


  3. My first purchase were some sweet stereo speakers for my record player hell yessss.
    the boots are divine, totally great for the ucoming summer!

  4. Those are perfect!
    xx Elle

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    www.cherryblossomstreet.com - Swedish Model and Fashion Blogger in TOKYO

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