zondag 5 oktober 2014

SPOTTED: The Perfect Sweater

Good morning everyone! It’s October already, gosh, the time flies! A month ago I was lying in my bikini on the beach and now the warm clothes can re-emerge. What a difference! But I don’t mind that the warm months are over, because I’m always really excited for autumn.

One of the reasons why I’m so happy about autumn are sweaters! I love me some good sweaters! Chunky, wool, refined, turtleneck, cashmere, love them all! They are so comfortable and you can give it a nice tough by, for example, combine it with a statement necklace, blouse underneath or a nice jacket. Every year I’m expanding my sweater collection and I’ve already bought last month some nice ones.

As time has passed, I know what my YAY’s and NAY’s are on sweater area. I’m kind of short, so oversized sweaters fits me even more oversized what gives me a dowdy look. Therefore I prefer to avoid them. Also I don’t like too much fuss at a sweater, less is more if you ask me. A itchy sweater is also a real don’t! I’m fan of sweaters that are falling just over my jeans for example and that are made of a nice fabric. 
Of course, my idea of a good sweater doesn’t need to apply for you, but if you have about the same demands as I do, then this sweater I’ve found last week is probably something for you! 

Alpaca-Blend Sweater in Gunmetal Grey
Last week I was looking around on MANGO.com when I came across the perfect sweater. It’s nice and soft, warm, has the perfect length and met all my demands. Also a big plus: the sweater was only €15,99. So I couldn’t pass it up.
It’s the ‘Alpaca-Blend Sweater’ and it’s available in many different colors. I’ve bought it in ‘gunmental grey’ and ‘camel vigore’.

I wanted to share this find with you ‘cause I know that much people are also looking for the perfect sweater. I hope I’ve helped these people with this article.

What demands should your perfect sweater meet?


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  1. Perfect grey knit can take you a long way!


  2. That sweater does look nice! I find that they're usually too long or short so the fact this is a good length is great. I'm finally getting into grey too lately, maybe I'll have to check it out!
    Pretty in Python

  3. Great selection of jumpers!

  4. cosy grey sweater? count me in!

    heartbeats Carola // VIENNA WEDEKIND