woensdag 2 april 2014

New | ZeroUV Retro Sunglasses

Yeah, we're heading closer to the summer! This month starts off very very good, because my retro sunglasses have finally arrived!
2947 Tortoise - 9174 Silver Smoke - 8637 Tortoise Amber

8765 Black - 8785 Tortoise - 2947 Black

I've ordered them from a webshop called ZeroUV (link). This shop sells literally every model of sunglasses that you can imagine. And they are pretty cheap. Just about every glasses is under €10,-. 
The only drawback is that the shipping time takes quite a long time. I've ordered them on March 10th and received them yesterday. But it was worth the wait because they are so nice! 

Which sunglasses will you wear this summer? Leave a comment below.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, hele mooie nieuwe zonnebrillen heb je er bij! Jij bent helemaal klaar voor de zomer;)

  2. Super cute sunnies!


  3. I am obsessed with your collection. I only have 3 designer pairs and I always use them. This post defiantly motivates me to buy more hehe.