zondag 28 augustus 2016

TUTORIAL: 5x Different Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf

By  writing this post, I have a major déjà vu about my first blogpost ever. Three years ago (!!) I started my blog because I wanted to share the things that were on my mind in terms of fashion. Back then I was obsessed with bandana’s and I wrote about how you can wear a bandana in different ways. It’s very fun to read it back because I have the feeling that over the years, I’ve changed so much as a person. And with that, the way I dress myself. But clearly, my obsession with scarves - sounds very creepy - has always been there. 

A colorful scarf can give a simple outfit that extra touch. Give it some sophistication. And sometimes, that’s exactly what you need.
This season, the cotton bandana has given way to his more luxury version - the silk bandana. A good development if you ask me, because they’re a lot more fun. Besides the fact that they come in all kinds of colorful prints, you can wear them in so many ways.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 5 different ways to wear your silk bandana. Hope you like it!

1. Neckerchief. 

Back to the 70s! Fold the scarf diagonal. Roll it up. Put it around your neck and make a knot in front.

2. Headband.
You can wear it with your hair down or with a knot, ponytail or a braid – do whatever you like. I chose a knot. Fold the scarf diagonal. Roll it up. Lay it over your head and tie the scarf on the back. Et voila! You’re Blair Waldorf for a day J

3. Bracelet. 
It’s very simple but can spice up any simple outfit. Fold the scarf diagonal. Roll it up. Wrap it around your wrist and tie it.

4. Hat. 

Fold the scarf diagonal. Roll it up. Put it around your hat and make a knot on the back.

5. Belt.

Fold the scarf diagonal. Roll it up. Put it on like you would with a belt. Make a knot on front.

Silk Scarf: Zara
Blouse: H&M

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  1. Hele leuke post! Mooie broek heb je ook aan trouwens.
    Ik vind de sjaaltjestrend echt heel leuk eigenlijk, heb er deze zomer zelf ook maar één gehaald bij Zara :)


  2. Dankjewel!! :) Ja, leuk zijn die van de Zara!